Computer Hardware

We have partenered with Dell in order to provide you with top of the line, affordable computer hardware.

Dell Registered Partner


Dell offers a complete, end-to-end portfolio of server solutions, ranging from the smallest home office to the largest of hyperscale data centers. Dell’s commitment to customer-inspired innovation delivers consistent, stable architectures and flexible, adaptable infrastructures that are optimized for workloads and environments.


Together with Dell, we offer networking expertise as well as a broad portfolio of scalable end-to-end solutions. Converge your network into a single high-performance fabric built on familiar open standards.


The traditional monolithic and scale-up solutions that have dominated storage can’t deliver the agility, flexibility, and efficiency modern systems need. It’s no longer just about data growth, it’s about how you can respond to that growth and constant change. Dell offers a full portfolio to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from the largest global enterprise data centers to local small businesses.

Desktops and Workstations

Get the job done with business-ready Dell desktops and workstations offering superb value with strong performance, exceptional security and easy serviceability.
We also offer custom configurations for residential customers.

Laptops and Tablets

Grow your business and stay productive anywhere with Dell laptops and tablets that are secure, manageable and reliable.
We also offer custom configurations for residential customers.

Data Security

The Dell SonicWALL family of firewall/network security provides real-time protection against a wide array of threats.

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